Rad reading: 200 Women

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I bought a beautiful book. It was birthday week after all. 
200 Women. The full title is 200 Women who will change the way you see the world. 
And it’s true. The book really does change you, in the very best of ways. 

I had a book voucher languishing. I was saving it for something boring and necessary but the voucher was at risk of getting forgotten in the depths of my wallet. So. The book.

It had caught my eye in Unity Books on Auckland’s High St when I was on my way to a meeting. It kept calling me in each time I passed. I am so glad I bought it. I pored over it one of those wintry weekends and now it’s lent out, doing the rounds of various friends. It will be one of those books I return to again and again for inspiration, stories of courage, solidarity and just to be utterly gobsmacked by the amazingness of women but it is too good to keep to myself. Part of the joy in owning it, is lending it out. 

200 interviews and portraits of real women, their challenges and successes, highs and lows. All creating social change in their own ways, through activism, the arts, business, the NFP sector, through just being themselves. Some are famous, they all should be. 

You can see more on the 200 Women website HERE.

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