Gaming of the board variety

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So much of life is on screen these days. Banking. Planning. Learning. My writing, my work. Keeping in touch with friends around the world. Throw into that mix a kid who identifies as a gamer. We have a screen agreement in place for him, which is reviewed every now and then. That got me thinking about my own screen habits. I can easily lose half an hour on facebook. Maybe an hour on a bad day. That time is not necessarily wasted, but it is if I am tired and using it as a prop, or to avoiding thinking or feeling hard stuff.

It’s good to be aware of how I am choosing to spend my time. I’ve been pulling out the yoga mat and meditation cushion a bit more. We’ve been hauling out science equipment, books we’ve had on the shelves for read-alouds, art gear and games. Strategy games are having a resurgence. We’ve been having fierce Mancala and connect four competitions. We also love Carcassonne and Catan.

I am going to pull out a bunch of our ThinkFun games this week. Most of them are solo games. I find that if I pull out fresh games and have them sitting out in key spaces, we’re more likely to play them. Rush hour is a perennial fave. Spiderman, the snake one and the polar one we will often take away camping with us. 

Do you have a favourite board game at the moment?

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