The Fabric Store

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This is where non-fabric enthusiasts can keep scrolling past!
On my birthday I went to The Fabric Store for the first time. 
Yup. After we’d eaten at a great new Mexican lunchbar.
The thought of going to just fondle fabric and then walk away empty handed was too much, so I had stayed away. I usually buy from op shops or trademe or Fabric-a-brac.
But, oh. All the fabrics! 
It really is a textile lovers dream.
The shop itself is well lit, beautifully laid out and lovely to be in.
I had a Prezzy card from last Christmas so I did buy fabric too which was a treat. More about those (plural!) another time. 

I totally fell for a few of the Liberty sweatshirt prints but at $48/m they stayed on their rolls. 
On a whim late that night I searched for ‘Liberty sweatshirt’ on trademe and couldn’t believe it when two were listed, in my size, in the exact prints I loved. The seller was lovely and turns out she had bought the fabric from The Fabric Store and had a seamstress make the sweatshirts.
Now they’re mine!

 I have a sweatshirt made in the fabric on the bottom left of this picture now- squee!

I think I need to start a pop-up studio/store so I can keep sewing, a person can only wear so many clothes and the urge to sew doesn’t ebb. Seriously thinking about it. Watch this space. 

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