Chilean guavas

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In my mind, these pages are full of news and photos of a very full and wonderful summer. Sorry that posts have been a bit sparse. I have been thinking, and talking to others, about what to do with this space. It’s been hard to prioritise GrowMama in the midst of a busy work and homeschooling life but I have missed it. And from the email and messages, some of you have too.
GrowMama might get a wee overhaul over the coming time. A new project or two will launch here. But the core flavour will remain the same. I look forward to sharing the new journey with you.

In other news, has anyone got Chilean guava growing in their garden? Our last rental home had some but the birds got to them first and this year, in our new home, we had so many I couldn’t keep up and got to give lots away. So delicious. Kind of sweet and spicy at the same time. I love that we have so many fruit bushes and trees established here. 

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