Welcoming 2018

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My son took this photo of me. Me, up a tree on a glorious summer day on a recent camping trip. I can’t remember the last time I climbed a tree. I think that’s why he ran for the phone to take a picture. I treasure this image.
2017 was massive. We moved house again, I worked way too much and the end of the year saw me really struggling. Healthwise, from chronic stress and just exhausted. Partly things were catching up with me. I am still dealing with the fallout from a betrayal of trust that means I am unable to provide my son with the stability he needs and we are looking at a very different future as a result. It’s big stuff.
But I refuse to live life all bitter and angry. I have seen what that does to a person. No thanks!

We had a fabulous Christmas. I was dreading Christmas afternoon by myself but it turned out to be perfect. I had two naps, a long walk on the beach with the dog and read an entire book. I took the last week off work and feel rested for the first time in a long time. So good!

I am sitting here in our little house looking out over the ocean and thinking about how things have changed, re-evaluating plans and allowing myself to dream a little.
Our dining table has been taken over by my sewing machine and various creative projects – such creative chaos is always a good sign. We have a piece of card with a huge 2018 written on it. Next to it is a jar of colour pencils. We’re jotting down intention words for the year as we think of them. The plan is to put it up on our pinboard. I’m loving the process.
Happy New Year everyone. May the year bring all good things to you and your people.

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