Summer fruit

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‘Tis the season of summer fruit. 
Our fruit bowl is the place to be at the moment. The local fruit and vege shop had $1 rockmelon, honeydew and organic grapes this week. I loved the rockmelon so much. It brought back memories of many a breakfast in Europe. Plus, the younger of us doesn’t like rockmelon so it was ALL MINE. I am questioning why I only bought one though. I mean, sure, I am watching the pennies, but really, saving $1?! Sigh. 
Cherries are down to $5.99 a kilo from $ 26.99 a kilo. Totally worth the wait! Blueberries are $2 a punnet and our favourite orchard is brimming with different varieties of plum fresh off the trees. 
The land around our new house has been lovingly planted with all sorts of fruit trees. So far we’ve picked oranges, lemons, grapefruit, raspberries, blackberries and crab apples. There are pomegranates, figs, guava’s, loquats, nz cranberries, feijoas, blueberries and apple to come. We spotted a kiwifruit vine valiantly growing through a thicket of jasmine and I am super glad we’ve outsmarted the sheep and have secured the paddock gate.
AND, I have my Nikon 3100 back in action so the image quality should be on the improve around here. Phew.

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