Camping marine reserve styles

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I try to step out of the madness and go camping every year before Christmas. It gives a head start on summer and serves as our end-of-year celebration. We set up camp at a regional park which is enclosed by a sanctuary fence so it’s rich with wildlife that is otherwise under threat (or just plain absent) due to predators on the rest of the non-park mainland. No mod cons, just a long drop toilet and a tap but you can hear kiwi at night, and every year we go there is some new wildlife sighted. One year we watched a pod of dolphins hunting down the coast, sometimes just metres away off the rocks. This year the kids found a good sized octopus who had set up house in a rock pool near the reef. She was there for a few days and it was super special to get up close to one. We unobtrusively (I hope) watched her change colour, change shape and just do her octopus thing. Octopi are so cool. 
There were shrieks of excitement at finding seahares and I was stoked to see a clown nudibranch. Otherwise known as a disco slug. Those fluoro colours! 

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