Hot Springs

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The boy and I just went on a roadie to some hot springs. We rented a cabin and it was one of those decorated in the seventies with formica and lino and that particular shade of orange that screams ‘seventies’. It was perfect. It was an unschooler gathering and some very good friends were there. Such a treat to have the whole weekend together. And a total bonus to meet some fab new folks. Including yurt and bus dwellers. It brought memories back listening to the stories.
– saw the best rainbow ever over the marquee one evening. 
– consumed several hundred dollars worth of fish and chips on election night.
– commiserated together on the election results (worse than my internal worse case scenario – BOO).
– marinated in hot pools for many hours. Such a luxury to be able to jump in whenever we wanted to!

I even got to read a book. (I know. ‘Free wifi’ on their website turned out to be 100 MB so the idea of getting any work done went out the window.)
There were issues. I forgot my cafetiere – so had to resort to turkish but didn’t have the right grind so yeah…had to sieve the coffee through my teeth. Then walked around with coffee grinds between my teeth most of the first day. Always a good way to make new friends. And I learnt that it’s hard to navigate while driving – even with the techest of tech to support the journey – but we recovered and were plotting our next adventure on the drive home. Good times. Which were needed. The last few months have been doozy’s. 
Yay for weekends away!

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