A real life honest dating profile

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My neighbour has been online dating like a beast. Good on her I say. She’s been egging me on to do the same but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Besides, if I were to write an honest dating profile it might look like this:
Ageing feminist seeks maverick cohort
I am a writer with a wicked sense of humour who loves long walks on the beach and sedate bike rides. On Saturdays I might be found at the farmers’ market with friends, at a protest or rally, giving a workshop, working in the garden, making bread, sewing or writing.
When I asked friends what words popped up when they thought of me they said: generous, courageous, deep-listener, wanderer, resourceful, thinker, intelligent, grounded, natural, kind and wholehearted. (So far, so good, right?)
I am an introvert with extrovert leanings. I love a party and can be the life of it, but mostly will be having an intense conversation with one person in a corner. After a busy conference, festival or giving a workshop,
I may need to stare at a blank wall for 24 hours to recover.
I am older than I look and come with a warning. I wear (minimal) makeup and shave my underarms, legs and bikini line but didn’t for twenty years and could revert to the aforementioned makeup-less and hairy state at any moment. You need to be cool with that. Ideally you’d be attracted to me, not my body hair, or lack of it.
Hopefully you won’t freak out when I hand over my reusable cup for takeaway coffee or pack my groceries in cloth shopping bags. Perhaps you have your own? That would be cute. We could match.
Due to the lottery that is genetics, I am on the slender side of curvy (at the moment) but it’s not from strenuous exercise. I’m not a fan. I have an active lifestyle, enjoy going on walks and do yoga but won’t be accompanying you on 12-mile runs or training for any marathons. I am equally ambivalent about activewear.
My friends also called me stylish. I get that from my Nana, who never left the house without her pearls and lipstick. For years I have sourced my clothes from op shops, trademe or make them myself because I don’t want to be part of a throw-away fashion world and frankly, buying new is both boring and out of my price range. Ethical is where the future is at. Call me an early adopter. Oh yes…and you won’t mind about the four boxes that contain my fabric stash under the bed. Or late-night frantic sewing sessions that involve loud music and swearing. You might even be a compulsive creative yourself?
In my work life, I am a kick-ass professional in the not-for-profit world. Or a social change agent, depending on whose asking. That means I work that ass off for a modest wage. I sleep well at night and love my work but I won’t be booking any overseas holidays this winter.
Oh. And I come as a package deal. I have an awesome son. Who is homeschooled. Oh, I can hear people scattering! But wait.
There’s more. And did I mention the little dog, toothless ancient rescue cat, the ducks and the rabbit? If you are attached to your laptop cord or phone charger, don’t leave it lying around, one of us will chew it.
Yeah. Get more cats you say? Maybe so. I was just getting started.

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