Blurry guavas and slumpy creatives

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It’s been a great guava season and not much else great happening. Even the ports on my laptop are fried so I am reduced to taking photos on my phone. Hence the blurry guava. Gah.
I have to-do lists in every room. That’s never a good sign! But. What is good? I am better. I got slammed by the flu and then bronchitis and other stuff and it was WEEKS before I could get through a day without collapsing into bed. The dog sulked because there were no good walks. I got home from driving my boy around, (when I really should have been in bed), to a care package of soup and bread and healing brews and loveliness from a friend. That was super good! Care packages are the best.

And there’s other super hard stuff going on. Like, not knowing where we were going to be living in a few months time. You know, life stuff. It’s delivered some doozies lately.

Have you been following along with Pip’s School for Slumpy Creatives? Gold. That woman is gold.
She’s been having a hard time lately and I have too. So refreshing to hear people be honest about where they’re at. Go Pip! We’ll get through. Homemade guava jelly on toast helps. So do friends and walks on the beach. Onwards and upwards I say. x

In case you need it, here is more Pip: 20 Things to do when you are feeling slumpy.

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