An epic day

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We had big plans for a road trip up north to see dear friends. I got as far as packing but life had other ideas. Gah! I had to be a grown up and prioritise important things like viewing a new house, appointments and work deadlines instead. 
The trip will happen sometime but for now, we are free to catch up with friends and go on adventures around here. 
Yesterday we had 10 kids and 3 mama’s here for the day. It was epic. The word feral comes to mind, in a really good way. The fire was on, there was rope swing action and rock climbing, the great eel chase and the kids figured out an old paddling pool made a great coracle to paddle around the swimming hole.  Later we took the older lot down to the beach to run wild awhile and I bumped into the lovely Leigh from Life in our Busy Household with the boys on the path to the beach. Perfect.
I would live on a piece of land with that lot. Easy!

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