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Last week I submitted my final contributions as Editorial Assistant to Organic NZ Magazine and wrapped up my Web Content work for NZ Soil & Health – the publisher of ONZ Magazine. One of the competitions I organised for this upcoming issue of the magazine was for a bumper pack of Be Nourished sauerkraut, kimchi and juice. Be sure to get a copy of the mag so you can enter the competition because let me tell you, those Be Nourished folks know how to make superb sauerkraut. I have tasted sauerkraut made by the famous fermentologist, Sandor Katz, back when he lived at Short Mountain in Tennessee and so consider myself learned in such things. (If any of you are in West Auckland, my friend Bella also makes an amazing kraut.)

Jo Nolan founded and runs Be Nourished and she is doing an amazing job. I have been following Be Nourished progress ever since they launched and its so cool to see it flourish. 
Imagine my excitement when this lovely box of sauerkraut goodness arrived on my doorstep! Thank you Jo. We’ve been having taste tests with houseguests. I have been wanting to try the Ruby Perfection and it’s sooo very good. The kimchi too. Such a treat. Try some. Great for a probiotic fermenty sort of a winter boost. 

My favourite fast food lunch is an avocado halved and served in it’s skin, a heaping of sauerkraut with a drizzle of tahini, a touch of olive oil and oven roasted tamari sunflower seeds on top. Give it a go! I’d love to hear your favourite way to eat sauerkraut (other than straight out of the jar x)

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