Garden goodness: then and now

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We’re in the first of the warm spring days. Last weekend was the official start to planting out the garden with summer crops but my greens garden has been going off all winter and it’s still going.
I planted celery, salads, kale, purple sprouting broccoli, bulb fennel, rocket, carrots, Cavolo nero, parsley and chard in this raised bed when we first moved in and it’s been lush. Easily meeting my greens consumption. Must be all that delicious compost I put on it. I’m am very glad of the raised beds too. The flood couldn’t reach, yay!
I have been pulling old salads and spent plants out and planting out fresh salad plants to ensure a consistent supply of salad greens. I love a wild looking garden. Can you tell?
There’s been a bumper crop of chickweed as ground cover all winter too. It’s my favourite green and I will miss it in the warmer weather. Look at the difference between the planting and the lushness!

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