new members of the family

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Meet the new girls. Actually, we took them on when we moved into our new home. The muscovy ducks have lived here much longer than us. They’re free range, love porridge and roost at night on a tree overhanging the swimming hole. We’re really enjoying their antics. Ducks are so funny. And can be kinda fierce. I am learning how to garden with them around. They like their salad as much as I do. My first punnets of seedlings didn’t last long. I soon realised why there was a bunch of garden netting in the shed. On the upside they are fantastic company and there is not a slug or snail to be seen. Phoenix the dog is learning to cohabit peacefully with them. Thank goodness. I was a bit worried about that. As soon as he sees them he sits down now. He’s been in training. 

We have to race the ducks for the big juicy feijoas and luckily they don’t seem to like guavas. There will be guava jelly after all. Phew! 

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