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I love our library services. We had just moved into our new home so were a bit out of the loop about any holiday goings on. Friends told us about a frankentoys session they’d been to at our local library. I was keen. I remembered late that evening and facebook messaged the library’s facebook page, thinking they might get back to me sometime the next day. Two minutes later I got a reply…there was a frankentoys session the next morning at 10.30. All we had to do was rock up. Honestly, our librarians are just the best. 
So, frankentoys…pile of secondhand toys and you get to break or cut apart the toys and refashion them into a new ‘frankentoy’. Total creative freedom + glue gun = much fun! 
There was something strangely liberating about cutting toys apart. Or maybe that was just me. It was all I could do to not elbow the kids out of the way to make room for me. No adults allowed. Honestly people, we have to do something about the kids getting all the fun. 
I think I will look out for those big bags of toys the charity shops package up and sell off for $5. I think a frankentoy session at home might be called for. 

(Plus…new phone = not such a good camera. Hence the quality of these. Now I know.)

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