Learning centre at the dump

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One of the homeschool mama’s organised a trip to our local refuse and transfer centre. Otherwise known as the dump. I had no idea the council had a learning centre up there. It was all kinds of awesome. The women running the session were great: friendly, well informed and importantly for the kids, fun. It was cool to meet some new people and hang out with some familiar ones. The morning had just the right mix of freeplay exploration of the space and structured activities in the centre. 

The Centre and the garden and displays are all made out of upcycled stuff found in the dump. It reminded me of many intentional communities I have lived or stayed in. Yup, I felt at home at the dump. 

A highlight was the pedal powered pump and investigating the tiger worms in the worm farm. I am keen to build a worm farm in our new house. (Ah, yes…now there’s a future blog post topic!) We got taken on a walking tour of the facility too. Complete with high vis vests and workhats. SO shocking how much waste we humans pump out. It’s horrifying and so unnecessary. Good for Jed to hear the statistics from someone other than me too. Newly inspired to make a big effort to keep our rubbish output down. All that packaging in supermarkets makes my head spin. Ugh. 
Anyway, hats off to Auckland Council for their work with the Waitakere Refuse and Transfer Station Learning Centre, I hear it is often booked out with school groups. 

There is exciting news too. They have a shop. YES! Packed with all manner of wondrous things that people have thrown out. It’s fabulous. It’s run by the MPHS Trust and I recommend stopping by. Spread the word, they are great people doing super work. I brought home a beautiful hand woven double woollen blanket for $8. I will be back! 

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