summer sewing therapy

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In the midst of the busy I have been seeking the calm of creative work. Those of you who been popping in here at GrowMama awhile know that I sometimes sew as a kind of therapy. I think we all have these things we do to reflect or take refuge in, whether it be going for walks, taking baths, going to the gym or creating art. 
I found this Japanese lawn fabric on the sale shelf at Spotlight. It’s super soft and totally in my colour palette. I used Grainline’s Hemlock tee pattern (you can get it free over HERE). It’s meant to be for jersey, but works fine for woven fabrics too. Google it, you’ll see! I shortened the length, flared the body slightly, added slits on either side and widened the arms considerably. Perfect to keep the sun off and me cool. Both this top and the one below cost $7 NZ in materials to make.

Following on with the Japanese fabric theme, this one is a double gauze cotton also from the sale shelf a year or so ago. I used the Wiksten tank pattern (HERE), it is my favourite pattern this season. if you see me on the beach or in town this summer, chances are, I’ll be wearing some version of the Wiksten tank or dress. I shortened this one and added a pocket for the first time. I wanted the reverse of the double gauze to pop. This top was made to go with a pair of highwaisted culottes and denim skirt. First time I wore the culottes I splattered them with homemade pizza sauce, darn it all, that stuff stains! There is a reason I don’t wear pale colours or white. I like to climb trees and sit on the earth too much. And then there is my tendency to go wild in the kitchen…Sigh!

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