A gift for you: A Christmas mandala

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There are rhythms to our year. In the run up to Solstice and Christmas, like most holidays, we make things. We make peppermint bark, special cookies, cards and gifts to give. 
We make for many reasons. It helps bring meaning to holidays that can be more about spending money than much else. And making things gives us great pleasure. Plus it’s economical. Win!


This year, we’ve been into mandalas and it seemed fitting to design a Christmas mandala.
The boy and I have been colouring in the evenings when we’re tired. It’s the perfect connecting sort of a gentle activity for after dinner. Each one is unique. 
You can print your very own to colour at home. 
Here is a pdf of the GrowMama Christmas mandala.
Happy Holidays my friends, thank you for being here. 
Next year is shaping up to be a good one here on GrowMama. Big giveaways, heartfelt ads from companies and people I want to support, peaceful parenting resources are going up, more personal stories and collaborations are all ahead. It’s been way too quiet here lately, time to rark it up a bit!

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