a different pace

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Every now and then I get a glimpse of the young man Jed will be. The baby/toddler/and young child days are long gone. He is doing more activities than ever before, taking on more responsibilities, is more focussed and needing time with friends more. Being out in the world more. It’s that 8/9 year old developmental shift. I am finding it hard to find time for work in this new term. With all the taxi driving I do for him at the moment. The work gets done but things have shifted and I have been a bit slow to make changes to compensate. Parenting is like that isn’t it? Or life in general. You get comfortable, think you have it down and go into cruise mode only to have things get all shaken up and you scramble to sort it all out again. Keeps me on my toes!

This little skink hung out with Jed for hours. He or she is one of a colony of them living under our sleepout and in the vegetable gardens. The wildlife around us gives us so much pleasure. We were watching some baby blackbirds follow parents around today, so funny to see. Gotta love springtime. x

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