Wishes and Worries

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My hope is that these books make it into every kid’s home and school. 

Wishes and Worries is a story about a young boy who struggles with anxiety and how he learns to overcome it. It’s well written and beautifully illustrated with parent/teacher resources about how to have a discussion around the issues brought up in the book. It’s great to see anxiety normalised and the authors showing some tools and ways to move through it.
I suspect quite a few grownups might learn something too. 

It is so vital we acknowledge that children are emotional beings and help children sit with and release the big emotions through play, raging, laughter or crying. Genevieve Simperingham has a great article on helping small children deal with their big feelings HERE. 

Maia and the Worry Bug tells the story of a family who all have anxiety issues. The only bit I wasn’t comfortable was the problem being outlined that Maia wasn’t in school.  The line, ‘isn’t it boring staying home all the time’, kinda alienates the homeschooling population. Not that we do stay at home all the time. But, with that in mind, if you are homeschooling, you can use it as a part of a discussion around norms in our society and the importance of being open-minded and making decision based on what is best for your child/ren and family. This book also has a fabulous resource section at the back with lots of ideas for exercises and ways to frame a deeper discussion with your child/ren.

Jed who is eight, says, ‘they were both good books, about how to work through big feelings and everything that is acquainted with those. Lots of people need to read Maia and the Worry Bug and Wishes and Worries’. End of quote!

Our integrative GP tells me that cases of anxiety and depression in children have grown hugely in the last few years. Books like Wishes and Worries, and Maia and the Worry Bug are very much needed.

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