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The sun shone! That alone is worthy news for a blog post at the moment. It’s been so rainy and grim lately. Normal spring weather for New Zealand I’m afraid. But…that subtle shift in temperature and growth of green things has begun. Birds are doing their spring things and the sun setting that little bit later so we can fit that last adventure of the day in. 

 Our neighbour’s bees have been happy in all our borage flowers and we took a break from gardening to get some good photos of pollinating insects for the next Nature as Teacher workshops. Between Jed and I we must have taken over a hundred photos and there’s not a standout among them. Bother! It was a wee insight into the life of a wildlife photographer. So hard to capture the little dudes on camera! We still have to formally identify the chap on the nasturtium leaf above…he was acting like a territorial hoverfly and seeing off all the bees. 

The garden is looking good for this time of year. Historically, come the end of winter it looks like a jungle so I feel like I’m a step ahead. We’ve got enough spinach to feed the street several times over, broad beans and peas coming on and the cutest little broccoli you ever did see. And those bees must have a bumper crop of honey coming on. Working in the garden with my boy is one of my favourite things to do. He’s planning the spring plantings this year. I am imagining heirloom carrots will be top of the list. Remember last year’s bumper crop?! HERE they are!

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