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A great thing about having a dog now is we HAVE to get outside a few times a day. It is easy for us to get caught up in our projects and classes and work inside. But outside is soooo good. There is something so vital about having our bare feet on the earth and breathing fresh air. It’s never a bad idea. I have gotten halfway through a busy town day and gone ‘you know what, we’d have been better off going to the beach/bush or working in the garden today’ but I have never said, ‘Ooo I wish I was in town when I was on the beach or on a walk’!
The garden is getting some early spring loving and there’s been some corker walks lately. Usually down at the beach where we can let Phoenix off the lead and all run wild in the wind and salt. 
Even in crazy busy days full of deadlines and driving kidlet to sports sessions and crashing computers (darn that Microsoft and it’s Windows 10, grrrr) there is a chunk of time for running wild. It is as necessary as lunch. 

Thanks for all your enquiries about the ‘Nature as Teacher’ and ‘Kitchen Table Plant Medicine’ workshops. More dates and venues are coming together. Email me if your homeschooling/natural learning/school/parenting or community group is interested. Just hit the Contact button up on the banner there. xx

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