Genevieve’s Peaceful Parenting workshops 19/20 September

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I heard of Genevieve Simperingham through mutual friends early on in my parenting journey. She is quite an amazing person. I love what she does in the world and the gifts she offers the parents who work with her. I organised for her to come and do parenting talks and a workshop here years ago. If you are a parent, you know how sometimes you cruise along then some new developmental or behavioural quirk stops you in your tracks? The Peaceful Parent Institute‘s article section is my first stop. I recommend her Peaceful Parent Institute work ALL the time. 
The first workshop on Saturday the 19th September is an Aware Parenting one – focussing on Aletha Solter’s work and touching on Genevieve’s Peaceful Parenting approach. You can see all Aletha Solter’s books HERE. Sunday’s workshop is called Self healing: moving from surviving to thriving. It looks all kinds of awesome, More information is on the website HERE.
I’ll be helping out at the Saturday workshop and would love to meet any GrowMama readers in person. Come and say hi. We’re off on a trip the next morning so I will miss the Sunday workshop…bother it all. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t go. It’s worth travelling for too. 

The Way of the Peaceful Parent facebook page has over 80k likes for a very good reason. 
Come and join us at the workshop/s.

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