Found a baby seal?

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About this time of the year you sometimes come across baby seals. The mama’s are starving and have found them a safe place for the day while they go out and hunt. We just found a bunch of people surrounding a baby seal down on our beach. The mama had found a little cave for shelter but some bozo had found the baby and put it up on a facebook page. Hence the screeds of people coming out to see it. They had it surrounded and were touching it. One girl even chased it as it desperately went back out to sea. It looked so scared. All the while these people were all taking pictures. It was one of the saddest most infuriating things I have seen. Those people have made the baby seals chances of ever finding it’s mama very slim. Poor wee thing. 
I called the local rangers and they will send someone out. They’re also going to try and get an article in the local papers to educate folks of what to do if they find a baby seal. Too late for that baby seal but please, spread the word…we can help other babies in the future.

Here’s what to do:
Always stay at least 20 metres away.
Do not ever touch a baby seal.
Always have dogs on a lead in protected areas.
Do not post on any social media.
If the seal is sick or injured call the DOC hotline: 0800 DOC HOT – 0800 362 468

The picture above is not of the baby seal we saw just now, this is one we found a few seasons ago. The photo was taken with a zoom lens.

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