for the love of lego

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Lego is a big part of most days here. These past two terms we’ve been part of a homeschooling science lending library that allows us to have different educational sets for a term. Some of us are high novelty and programmes like this are great, we get to explore new things and then send it on to the next family. Resource sharing at it’s best. I get asked a lot about my time living in communes, especially Twin Oaks Intentional Community in the US and many a time people have said, ‘oh well we couldn’t share things like they do in my community/suburb/town’. Then I gently remind them about our public libraries. And the possibilities open up again. Aren’t our minds funny ole things?!

Anyhoo…we’ve been exploring different machines through this fabulous lego set. 
Following the step by step instructions is all well and good but more often design improvements get made or total free build wildness strikes. Some of these inventions are going to contribute to a better world just as soon as we get them lifesize. You just wait. 

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