Fabric. Fabric. Fabric-a-brac!

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Um, yeah, so…non textile lovin’ people might want to meander on and pop back in tomorrow…the rest of you? Feast your eyes! Fabric-a-brac Auckland was yesterday and Grace asked me to take a few photos. Not that I needed an excuse. All those colours and textures…I was one happy textile-loving person! I had a stall with a friend too and was very impressed with the new venue. Much more space. A big hats off to Grace who organises Fabric-a-brac here in Auckland. She is super lovely and so calm. She remembers everyone’s names and there was some very thoughtful table assigning going on. I love that all proceeds go to Hospice. Lovely to see many familiar faces. Amongst them was Sarah from Sew Love Tea Do, Annie B, Ellie from Extracurricular, Heleen from Ruby in the Dust and Bronwyn from Pattern Postie. Oh, and FYI, Bronwyn has a half price sale on all Simplicity patterns until Sept 18th.

Jed got dropped off partway through the market and I enjoyed sharing it with him. He took photos and came back with some amazing fabric as a gift for me. I had just commented that morning that I was enjoying brighter colours, that they were good for lifting the spirits in a hard time. He must have taken that to heart…I have some beautiful bright vintage fabrics to do some spring sewing with now. 

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