balls in the air (and on the ground)

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When things are hard at home, everything else wobbles. That’s my experience anyway. And when the wobbles are on a repeat cycle, ill health can creep in. It’s just that much harder to keep the balls in the air.
I have so many ideas and plans and with the curve balls this life throws, some weeks it is hard to get the paid work stuff done let alone the blog and progressing workshop and other writing. Then there is food to prepare, gardens to tend, home to care for and all the rest. I have a list of folks I want to catch up with and I can’t seem to find time. Sound familiar?! It doesn’t help that we’re introvert heavy in this house – for every busy day we need one to land and process. I am familiar with the feeling of overwhelm. I see it in my son’s eyes too. ‘Balance’ has always been a key word in my personal lexicon. 

I have many requests for help in my inbox. All worthy projects. I have spent much of my life as an activist campaigning or doing pro bono work for projects making change in the world and need to be careful where I allocate my time these days. My focus needs to be on bringing money in for us to live on. As long as my work contributes to sustainable change and inspiring folks I am all good with that. Others will step up to volunteer. I am practicing the beautiful art of saying no. Yes to a juicy life and my dreams and no to all the other stuff that clutters and clogs up the smooth movements of our days unfurling. I like a simple life.

Oh for the grandparents or auntie who lives up the road! My son dreams of a road where everyone is homeschooling. Coming from my experience living in intentional community I get that, I really get it. (HERE is a post I wrote back in 2009 about children at Twin Oaks Community). Even so, I am so grateful for my tribe who though scattered geographically reach out to check I am okay. To ask if they can help. Messaging me late at night on facebook and making me laugh. Or cry. Or just being there. I try and be that for my people too. You know who you are. Heartfelt thanks to you my beautiful scattered village. xxx

And please, everyone has times like these. No comments or emails saying ‘ You should just put the kid in school’. I hear stories like mine today from mama’s whose kids are in school. It’s a human thing not a homeschooling thing. x

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