lemon, honey and ginger

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 Jed and I have succumbed to colds and have been laying low, keeping warm and enjoying the homefront. Our little lemon tree is laden with fruit and I am so grateful to have homegrown lemons on hand. I use them a lot in cooking and lemon, honey and ginger drinks with propolis have been my tipple of choice this week. So zingy and good!

I feel grateful we haven’t been flattened by this nasty flu that so many people we know have been afflicted with. Yikes. I’ll take a head cold over that any day. That said, even though temperatures are uncannily low for NZ, it feels like we’re on the upswing to spring. I am dreaming of spring plantings in the garden, new work plans and adventures offshore. As I fill my hot water bottle and light the fire. One can dream. One MUST dream! Whether you be in this hemisphere in the throes of winter, or in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope this finds you dreaming too. x

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