mini clothes peg shooters

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 The King of Random delivers again. Hours of fun to be had making these. It does take awhile to whittle the wooden clothes peg but it is worth it. Especially if you get to fire a flaming match. Sheesh! What’s not to like. And yes, we had water nearby and aimed for a safe target outside for the flaming match trial. 
Jed made an awesome bullseye target for inside and worked out that if he dipped the end of the match in paint and then aimed at the target you could clearly see what score you got. Otherwise it moves too fast for you to be sure. In retrospect that would have been better outside. Ahem. Luckily it was a waterbased paint. 
You can see the video tutorial on how to make these and other fun stuff on the King of Random’s website HERE.  The last KoR craze to hit the house was the matchbox rockets. I blogged about them HERE.  Grab a few supplies and bookmark for a rainy day.

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