just delightful

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This delightful little creature sneaked upstairs, pulled my bag down off the chair and pilfered a bar of fair trade chocolate we’d bought as a treat today. Needless to say he has eaten it all. He’d even stashed the wrapper under the bed so as not to get into trouble. Honestly. 
So far, the worst has been his penchant for rummaging in my office bin for scrap paper to shred. That I can live with. I was just saying how lightly we’d gotten off with his puppy antics. That very same second he was upstairs doing a dirty. Theobromine in chocolate is poisonous to dogs so there is that too. So far, it’s made him hyper and he is currently doing laps of the house (our very small house) at high speeds. Of course it’s after hours.
It could be a long night. 

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