Nature as Teacher

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One of my most enduring memories of childhood was the day my
mum took us over the road to a freshly mowed field. 
The field was next to the busy Southern Motorway but
that is not what I remember. 
I remember it being sunny and smelling delicious. I
feeling connected to my mum and that her eyes were all lit up in a way I didn’t see very often. I remember bare feet
and the bugs I found and rolling in the
grass with my little sister. Most of all I remember mum made a HUGE nest out of
the cut grass and we climbed in. I remember lying curled up there looking up at
the clouds and feeling safe and loved. I found it interesting that my most enduring
childhood memory was not going to an amusement park, or an overseas trip or a movie,
or a school event. It was building a huge nest in a field with my mum and little
sister. It says a lot really.

Nature. Whether we live urban or rural, we are part of it. We
humans tend to forget that.
Being in nature and using natural materials costs nothing or
very little.  Nature is always on our
doorstep, literally under our feet, so is very accessible.
Nature is an incredible designer, architect, engineer,
artist and mathematician. We have much to learn from

At the AHE Homeschooling Conference a few weeks ago I gave a workshop called ‘Nature as Teacher – Using the Natural World as Inspiration in Homeschooling. It was a lot of fun.
We looked at the arguments on why
learning in and about the natural world is important in these changing times.
We dove into a few nature based activities that are easy to recreate at home. Over the next few weeks I want to share a few of those resources and ideas with you. It’s not just for homeschoolers, it’s for life. Most of all, it’s about shifting our perspective and noticing the little details of the natural world and allowing our innate curiousity about how things work drive us to find out more. Nature really is the coolest.x

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