Moreish skincare – superfood for your skin

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I have been a natural skincare person for a very long time. In France I designed and made my own natural skincare range. I know my stuff. 
I had been using a mix of natural products from Sukin, an affordable Australian range, Trilogy and Antipodes. Nothing was quite doing it for me as a complete range. 
I jumped at the chance of trialling a new natural skincare range made here in New Zealand, Moreish.
I will never tire of the excitement of a parcel arriving! 

We opened it to three Moreish products:
Liberation: Foaming cleanser
Daily Redemption: Day cream
Liquid Gold: 100% argan oil

I have been using them exclusively for two weeks now and my skin has never felt better.
This year has had it’s challenges and my stress shows in my skin. 
Using Moreish these last few weeks has given me a lovely nurturing boost and my skin is looking so clear and someone said I was glowing today. That has to be good.

I had been using rosehip oil at night. My neighbours in France introduced me to it. That’s what they all used and their mothers before them. Argan oil was new to me and wowsers, what a product. So light in comparison to other oils! Rosehip seems kinda barbaric after using Argan. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Take a look at the Moreish website for more information about them and their products. No testing on animals, take note! And available at Countdown supermarkets? What?! Check out that long lists of Argan oil benefits and components. Sheesh. Liquid gold indeed. HERE.
On the Moreish tips page I learnt that Argan oil is used as a hair treatment as well. Can’t wait to try that this weekend. I’m all about the home spa ideas at the moment, simple nourishing things we can so for ourselves at home. 

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