Karen Murrell natural lipstick

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I was hanging out over at the Bubbalino kitchen blog and a great thing happened as a result. 
I won a giveaway for a Karen Murrell (KM) lipstick! 
I have wanted to try one of her lipsticks for ages. They are all natural goodness and come in sustainable packaging to boot. Excess plastic and wrappings just drive me crazy. This was perfect, the lipstick comes in a beautifully designed cardboard case. 
Check out the colour. It’s the KM Violet Mousse. I want to try her Cordovan Natural lip colour next. Good thing my birthday is coming up!

I won’t put unecessary chemicals on my skin. This lipstick feels like a dream on and the colour is one that’ll take me from work meetings to dancing til late. 
Thanks Vanessa from Bubbalino Kitchen and Karen Murrell!
I think I am hooked.

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