hold onto your hat busy

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I miss you!
With things being hard and busy my end I haven’t been here nearly as much as I have wanted to.
I have had my hands full here at home lately.

I’ve had a bunch going on. Foremost on my mind is last weekend’s big Homeschooling Conference I was involved in organising. It was super duper great and I feel proud to have been a small part of bringing everyone together. One of the main speaker’s words have been with me all week: Larne Edmeades and his wife are/have homeschooled all four of their kids. And he is the Principal of one of our cities ‘top’ schools. Interesting stuff!

I taught a workshop on Nature as Teacher – using the natural world to inspire our homeschooling. And moderated the Main Panel. I love that work. It’s been awhile and it was that much harder to put myself out there as a presenter when really I would have been quite happy staying curled up in bed with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. That’s my tendency when things are hard. Reaching out to good friends would probably be a better option sometimes. Working on that. I did drag myself out and met some fabulous people and hopefully did an okay job on the rest.

The conference being over has freed me up some. I’m landing in my new job – that’s always a transition no matter how good the match huh? Especially for someone like me, I like to do a good job, no winging it over here.

Jed lit the fire today. We had a home day. It was raining and just a little on the chilly side and having the fire going was just perfect. Jed lit it, brought the wood in and tended the fire himself. And with the autumn days edging toward winter I am harvesting the last of the chili peppers and breaking out the limes. Just need a little freshness and warmth, inside and out.

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