A new (vintage) tea set.

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 My teapot broke awhile back. It’s lid was always a tricky one and it finally gave out. I have been making do with my little one cup wonder pot and have had my eyes peeled for a teapot that will serve 4-5 people. 
I am so happy to have found one. One I love and one that has a beautiful story behind it. I found it in a most unexpected place. A lovely friend was having an estate sale last weekend and I stopped by to see if she needed any help and just to check in really. It’s been a big time for her. We spent a cosy few hours chatting with friends and people stopping by and I came home with this beautiful tea set. She thinks her grandmother brought it over from England. Special. I love the delicate blue and it feels just that bit special to have a sugar bowl and milk jug too. I feel very grown up. Her dad was a good man and I like having this piece of his world living on in mine.
Each piece comes with it’s own built in cover. Interesting design huh? The tea pot’s one is all padded with felt as a tea cosy on the inside. 
Just in time for tea by the fireside. It’s rainy and chilly out there but the fire is going and its been one of those special days, just the two of us doing projects, reading, fire-tending, chatting, dancing, listening to music and going for walks in the breaks between downpours. Autumn. I love it. 

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