the story behind the dress

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So, this dress.
It’s been the go to summer dress this season. The weather has been unreal this summer, super hot. Unusually so for New Zealand. Usually the days the sundresses can come out and play are limited, but not so this summer.
I have had so many comments on this dress. It goes out to lunch, to the beach over togs (that’s ‘swimsuits’ to some of you), into town and potters around home. It is the next best thing to wearing nothing, it’s so light. I will try and take the pattern off it, but the genius is really in the fabric pattern combination. Crazy, but it works and the colours are totally my thing.

What’s the story behind it? Well. One day I got an email from a GrowMama reader. They said that this might sound weird (it did), but there’s a dress on TradeMe that they thought I would love. There was a link. Signed anonymous. I hovered over the link before clicking. It WAS kinda weird! But the link was legit and curiousity got the better of me. I clicked. And they were right. I loved it. I bid, and the dress was mine for a small sum. The kind of sum that is possible for me to expend on such things. I kept hoping a friend was going to say…ha ha, that was me emailing you. But it hasn’t happened. It remains a bit weird. But I do weird. And I LOVE the dress. So, thank you anonymous reader who has impeccable taste and intuited the perfect summer dress for me. Thank you!

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