matchbox rockets

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Matchbox rockets are big in our world at the moment. Who knew you could have so much fun with foil and matches?! Simple to make and super fun, we’ve had these rockets go for 15 metres!

The wonderful Adrian showed the kids how to make them at one of our homeschooling groups a few weeks ago. They all trooped off to the park next door to launch them and one or two went, but we didn’t have a consistently good result. I realised that the foil we use here in NZ is a thinner one than in the USA. so we’ve added the step of wrapping a layer of foil tape around the whole rocket, being careful to fold over at the top and seal well. THEN add the fins. This will all make sense when you watch the video I promise.

NZ’ers…the foil tape is found in the paint aisles of hardware stores here. (That simple sentence could save you half an hour searching for it – You’re welcome!)

HERE is the tutorial from the King of Random. We have bookmarked his site to see what other adventurous stuff he’s up to on there. In the immortal words of the seven year old, ‘danger and fun quite often seem to go together’. (Ange and G…I thought of your lot would love these! )

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