The beetroot motherlode

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I am loving greens, peppers and beetroot from the garden. The beets especially. Grated into a salad or in a juice, something about the nutty freshness and the zingy colour is just happiness. 
There is nothing like a health scare to have us re-evaluate our lives. I asked myself a good question: if I was sick, what would I change? And then the big question, ‘So why aren’t I living like that now?’ It’s a darn good question.

Consequently, there’s a lot more conscious eating around here. I am not following any protocol or diet. Been there and done that! (Many times over) I am doing something much more radical…checking in with my body and eating what I feel I need. And I feel much better for it. We are what we eat. And think. 

Focussing on good food and getting enough rest helps hugely when times get hard. And it’s in the nature of life that those times roll around every now and then. It’s how we meet them that makes all the difference. Who we have around us to lean on and hold space for us. And reminding us, ‘This too shall pass’. Because it does, it always does. 

And there’s always the magic of perspective. Sheesh, my heart goes out to the folks in Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam. If I could just get this puppy sleeping through the night things will be looking up!

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