garden solace

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I have been gardening a long time. I have lost track of how many gardens I have created or worked in and left over the years. It is a special kind of sadness to walk away from a much loved garden. My garden gypsy history makes this garden all the more special. 
I can’t remember having such a great array of vegetables to choose from. A visit to the garden makes an entire dinner. Red peppers, tick! Chili peppers, tick! Salads, tick! Beans, tick! Onions, tick! Beetroot, tick! Okay, okay…I’ll spare you the complete list.

In these past challenging months, it has been such a solace to forage for our food. I pop down for a bit of reading in the last of the day’s sun, hang with the animals and whichever kids happen to be around, haul up a few vegetables and take my frustrations out on some hapless weeds.

Now my challenge is to carry on through winter. I am famous for planting up the garden in spring and then once autumn harvest is done there might be a few hardy kale and parsley plants persevering over the colder months. We have a temperate climate so I am thinking about a poly tunnel to extend the greens growing season. I gardened so long in the Northern Hemisphere, I still get my seasons muddled. Even after 8 years back in NZ. EIGHT years?! Ai yi yi. Must plant some more seeds tomorrow. xx

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