silo park and wynyard quarter

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In my youth, Auckland downtown waterfront area was a bit grim. Gone are those days. 

Silo Park and Wynyard Quarter are very cool areas to hang out now. Plenty for the kids to do with a playground and interactive exploring to do in various places. The Auckland Fish Market provides plenty to marvel at. Good fish and chips next door too if you’re into that sort of thing. On Saturdays there’s a market – some familiar faces from my years of taking GrowMama creations to markets and plenty of new cool stuff. 
Take scooters, the whole place is PERFECT for scooting. I was bummed we only had the one with us. There’s even a tram! I am still stunned I didn’t know about that, a working tram in my town. Clearly I need to get out more. Or maybe just to different places. Jed and I were on our way home one day late last year when he piped up from the back seat to say, ‘Mama, we’re just too busy’. It was true, we both got to the end of last year exhausted. So. Trying to be wise about what we take on this term. Wish me luck!

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