Oregano harvest

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The oregano harvest is an annual thing. Just before the plants go into flower I cut enough of the aerial parts to bundle and hang in the hot water cupboard to dry. I love that our little home is often imbued with the gentle aromas of various drying herbs.

I harvest enough for our kitchen use for the year. Plus a little extra to put into pretty vintage jars for gifts. When I give my Plant Medicine workshops I always bring a box of dried oregano from the supermarket and pass it around for everyone to look at and smell. Then I pass around the jar of our homegrown dried oregano. The difference is quite startling. Luckily oregano is so easy to grow too. So even on those busy years when the garden runs away with the weeds and drought, there is still an oregano harvest. Hoorah for easy to grow goodness. 

I use oregano in cooking a bunch. It reminds me of happy days in Croatia and my friend Mira. That’s a very good thing! x

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