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How is this for a stellar bedtime reading lineup?!
I read like lightning. At school I used to get quizzed for reading comprehension on a regular basis as they could never believe I could be done reading already. I was. (And for the record, yes, being questioned got old fast.)
Jed and I will have 75 books out on average between us at any given time. The printed word reigns supreme around here. I am a writer, what can I say. I inhale words and breathe them out. 

I laughed and cringed all the way through Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Though I did wonder how folks who hadn’t lived in the US would do with it. There are many laughs that would fall flat without the cultural references connecting in one’s brain. But she’s a good read. 

Malala. Oh, Malala. This would especially be great for young folks to read. Or anyone who has ever felt angry and powerless. She writes frankly and beautifully and isn’t afraid to put her hand up to having the usual teenage problems either. On top of the obviously stand out one of being targeted and shot. A surprisingly refreshing read. We are blessed to have that one walking among us.

I am a quarter way through Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking and I am in love. That woman. She is awesome in all her magnificent love for the world and unique human messiness. We all have our messy places, Amanda has just opened her arms to hers. She knows all about the power in being vulnerable. She talks about performing in ways that I have spoken about it. I used to street perform too, it fed me and my heart for a year. I loved being out on the street, I was fascinated with our commonalities as humans and the fleeting meeting of eyes that spoke of so much. Everyone has to walk the street. City streets are the melting pot that happens in no other place. I’d look around the circle of people as we were performing and there’d be kids, suits, homeless folk, twinsets, studenty types, a mohawk next to tweed bow tie dude…it was the greatest spread of demographic I’d seen. It felt special, no, important, to be bringing people together. It is important, overlooked work. 
I found myself having a strange and persistent thought: Amanda Palmer is probably the closest to myself/my life I have read/seen in a public figure (I think she’d hate that term, sorry Amanda)…spookily so. There are many places where we vastly differ of course, yet I feel strangely relieved. Like Amanda Palmer living her dream so loudly gives me permission to keep on riding my fiercely independent quirky one. Validated somehow. Aren’t we humans just fascinating critters?! 
In case you missed her Ted X talk, it’s on the ‘must see’ list. Hop on over HERE
Amanda blogs over HERE

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