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Jed solved a dilemma for us this week. He’s figured out that the space under the deck of the sleepout is sheltered from the rain and dew and makes a jolly fine place to hang our garden tools. Revolutionary!

First step in allowing kids to contribute to work around the house and garden? Get out of their way!
Let them explore and figure stuff out. If they need help, they’ll ask. Our job is to be back stop.
Be nearby, supportive, busy doing our own work and responsive when asked.

I am writing this down not to be preachy but as a reminder to myself. Wonderful things happen when I provide the materials or tools and then step back. Same thing can often happen with inside craft projects or science experiments…I set out a bunch of gear on the table and wander off. Magic ensues. Magic that I don’t guide or coerce. Things I never would have dreamed up. I like that!

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