thanks and goodbye 2014

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LOOK here 2014…you have been a doozy. 
I had no idea what I was in for. I went gaily into you all full of lofty plans and am coming out the other side somewhat out of breath. You had your share of magic and awe filled moments, luckily I am good at finding those and riding them. You had to have your eyes open and ready to grab some of them at split seconds notice. You also had a fair dose of hard lessons and challenges. Luckily I am pretty graceful at doing those too. Well, most of the time.

I have learnt a lot about standing on my own and not depending on anyone else for my happiness, contentedness or well being. 
I learnt a kick ass collection of kitchen magic that has fattened my recipe folder in a most satisfying manner. Feeding folks good food is such a joy to me.
I have rediscovered the beauty of fermented foods (thank you Shayn Smulyan for the intro, Natalie for the reminder and Sandor Katz for those seeds planted way back when I visited Short Mountain and found you lording it over many a bubbling crock.)
I invested in a juicer and all bodies who pass through this house love me for that.
I have been blessed in my growing connections with friends and feral homeschooling tribe.
I am proud of the work I have put out into the world this year and look forward to more awesomeness on that front next year.
I have learnt that 80 sq metres of home, plus decks, garden and a big sky/sea are really all I need. 
Someone close to me had a bit of a personal revolution. You know who you are and I love you for being brave enough to take on life with both hands and eyes open. 
I have remembered that happiness can be found in a bunch of wildflowers, a long lavender scented bath, a freshly picked vegetable, a meeting of a stranger’s smiling eyes, a smooch from my cat or a conscious choice of changing my mindset. 
I have learnt that I can do what I set my mind and intentions on. I just went through my workbooks for visioning up 2014 and that stuff really works. I nailed it! 

LOOK OUT 2015. I have me some plans. 

Tomorrow I plan to set up camp on a patchwork picnic blanket with flask of tea in the shade of a tree and conjure up the year ahead. Join me and lets compare notes. 
Happy New Year y’all. xx

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