snapshots from the road

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This is my current favourite hat. Every five years or so I find a hat I love and it becomes a kind of temporary trademark. This felt one is the hat of the moment. We’re partway through a holiday roadtrip to see folks. It’s a mix of small town explorations, urban wandering and beach moments.

The weather is usually reliably dodgy here in New Zealand over the holidays but it’s been super hot and just plain lovely.

Happy holidays everyone. Thanks for being part of GrowMama. I love all the emails and comments, the feedback and the collaboration offers that have been rolling in. 2015 is going to be a most amazing year. I look forward to sharing it with you.
Things might be a little quiet around here for the next few days. Internet access is surprisingly hard to come by in some corners of New Zealand. I kinda like that. I’ll be back. With tales to tell. Go well my friends.

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