slowing it down

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I strive for a simple life. Somehow, the busyness has snuck up on me. It’s a cycle. Balance, peace then…taking on a few new freelance jobs, a workshop here and there, a few social engagements…fast forward a few weeks/months and I hardly take a breath before whirling off to the next thing, feeling like I am constantly on the go, or meeting a deadline and no time to bake bread or make crackers or pull greens from the garden. The things I love and keep me fed on a deep level, like writing and long walks, yoga, time with friends and laughing…well, they disappear when I most need them. 

Then I stop. Realise what’s going on and consciously breathe deeper, rest more, pare back my commitments. get back into making juices and vibrant salads. Remind myself how I want to live. Simply. Connected. Aware. Phew! What a relief to jump off that crazy whirl. It’s life. Sometimes the freelance work is there and I need to take it, there just happens to be a lot going on and it’s busy. But I need to remember there is always a choice. And a time to slow it down. 
Start smelling the flowers and feeling the sun on my face again. Yes… 

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