handcrafted gift tags

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No gift tags and it’s gift wrapping time? Or you just choose to make your own on principle? I am so there.
I used a handcrafted label from Izzy and Jean as a template for the size and shape of these and dug out some evergreen stamps I got off trade me (NZ’s equivalent of ebay) last year. Subtly holiday flavour without being too rah rah about it. 

Classy. Fast. Cheap! And they go well with the brown or gold paper and red raffia wrapping that is predominant in my house this year. We use brown wrapping paper for a myriad of things…wrapping, pattern making, book making, parcelling up food, making paper bags…you get the idea. It’s good stuff to have around.

And the other side? It turns out Barley Sugar boxes (left over from Halloween) have the coolest textured cardboard on the other un-printed side. Why buy it when you can make it? It’s a good question.
We made other gift tags by glueing a piece of ribbon on the end of the tag, or glueing on a bit of holiday themed fabric, or just stamping out the letters ‘Merry Days to you’ or some such. Jolly pleasant way to spend half an hour with the kid/s. Brings a bit more meaning to the gift giving for them and the receiver of the gift. 

These ones are destined to go around our jars of homemade peppermint bark. Remember that stuff? Over HERE. You won’t regret it, there’s a link to the recipe on the Orangette blog. So. Good!

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