Outfit post – featuring fennec fox

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I whip out these outfit posts every now and then to show that it’s possible and fun to source clothing you love from secondhand places, rather than buying new. I figure there is enough stuff in the world. 
And did I mention cheap? Fun, cheap, comfy, good for the earth…what’s not to like?!

That fennec fox singlet is my favourite shirt at the moment, just waiting for the NZ spring to warm up a little so it can come out more often. 

Straw hat: $3 from Hospice thrift store.
Birkenstock sandals: $5 brand new from Salvation Army thrift store.
Bike scarf: came in a bulk lot of scarves off trademe.co.nz. $4.
Fennec fox singlet: $15 (I think!) from trademe.co.nz.
Jeans: Both are Top shop Baxter jeans. (Great for shortwaisted and shorter of stature curvy types!) $20 each. One from a secondhand shop now closed down, the other bought from trademe. 
Belt: Miss Sixty. I wear this ALL the time. It’s chainmail, so extra kudos points from all the seven year olds I hang out with. $2 secondhand five years ago and still going strong.

And for those curious about fennec foxes (smallest fox in the world, but biggest ears)…HERE
Oh, and here’s a peek of what happens behind the outfit post scenes…outfit post outtakes from a year ago!

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