not being graceful and therapeutic sewing

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Goodness. What a week. What a month. Or quite possibly, year. 
I haven’t been managing to juggle all that is life very gracefully lately. At all. I have been running around trying to make things on time, always feeling like I have forgotten something, or deadlines looming and I am just keeping my head above water. 
You know. I think a work commitment has to go. One that’s been stressful for a long time.

Time to take stock, step back a bit and see how I can simplify things a bit. 
Time for a little therapeutic sewing. 
I pulled my old favourite pattern, Simplicity 3835, for a new summer shirt. 
I used this fabulous light cotton polka dot fabric I bought from Sarah at Sew Love Tea Do and the shirt is a firm favourite already. I loved the colour but wasn’t sure whether it would suit me. I am crap at that. If in doubt I take a photo and THEN I might be able to work it out. Maybe.
With this one, I just sewed it up then wore it. That worked too. I had four people ask where I got my shirt from and commenting how much the colour suited me. Got that sorted then!

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