the beginnings of a garden

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We’ve had a garden in this spot for years, but this year we built the sides up and acquired a bunch more soil. Our garden has been quite soggy in winter with clay and bakes hard even with the mulch in summer. Our area in New Zealand has a funny ole climate. With this new improved soil and a smarter composting system plus a good layer of mulch once the seeds and seedlings are away, I hope we’ll have a longer growing season.

It’s so exciting to see it happen. One problem though. The hedgehogs can’t get in the bigger gardens. They are key to my organic slug control programme. So…this weekend’s project? Building hedgehog ramps! Before we revamped, I dug up just enough kale and rainbow chard plants to give us fresh greens until the new plantings are mature enough to pick. I set them aside in the shade and replanted them in the new improved garden. It feels so good to have my hands in the earth again. Pretty crazy weather here, it’s alternating torrential rain, winds and then sunshine with the temperatures all over the place. We’re busy trying to find patches of sun and nest in them when we can. Funny, when summer hits I try and avoid the sun a lot of the time, right now, I am craving it. 
Enjoy it, wherever you are! x

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